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VISUAL MUSIC - Rhythm ‘n Views ©
Since the 1990s, Joy Innis and Adrienne Shannon have been on the cutting edge of concert artists exploring digital visualization to add to their live concerts. Their duo has received honors and awards from Canada Council, Alberta Foundation for the Arts, Mu Phi Epsilon Foundation, and Parks Canada.  In programs conveying the need for preservation of the environment, they have collaborated with the Sierra Club of Western Canada and the British Columbia Provincial Museum.

For the Centennial of National Parks in Canada, PALENAI was commissioned to produce a live multimedia concert exploring Canada’s Pacific west coast and temperate rainforest. Called Prelude: Pacific Rim, this program has received over 200 performances across Canada and on international tours. Afterimages by Canadian composer Alexina Louie, was the music for a one-hour documentary of environmental devastation aired on PBS in Indiana. Forest Fantasia was produced in collaboration with the Sierra Club of Western Canada for the British Columbia Museum to celebrate the old growth forests of B.C.

Images for Rhythm ‘n Views programs include the award-winning photography of Joy Innis, computer-generated images and the work of Canadian artists. They have been honored with the right to use works in the collections of the Allen Sapp Gallery and the estate of Illingworth Kerr.

The duo has performed their Rhythm ‘n Views programs in major concert halls across Canada, in Florida, Indiana, on tour in England and Germany, and in collaboration with the Kingston Symphony. Their digital visualization of Poulenc’s Sonata for Two Pianos, was nominated for the 2002 Telus Corporation Award for Arts of the Future.